Steering strategic information system projects

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A CIO at your side

The information system is the backbone of a business. IT/IS decisions have a tremendous impact on the profitability and on the attractivity of a corporation. A deep knowledge of the domain, a great team and a method tailored to the challenge make the difference between failures with long-term consequences and extraordinary achievements.

Zealots is at your side to :

  • Make your vision a reality
  • Bring additional expertise to your board
  • Support your CIO during times of heavy workload

Hiring a Zealots CIO means to benefit from the experience collected at other clients and to bring possibilities of synergy for the business. It is as well an opportunity for your teams to benefit from a new perspective and a tremendous opportunity to share knowledge.


Program management

Rather than focusing on a single project, we consider a project portfolio, constituted of projects that all contribute to the same goal.

Seize opportunities

This global vision enables agility : it makes it possible to seize opportunities and to cut the losses quickly on poorly performing projects.

Simplicity and success

Perfection is not a goal : this is the best way to waste resources and to miss opportunities.

A passionate team

Ambitious plans come together thanks to an assiduous work in the right direction. Joy is the fuel of success.

  • List good ideas and sort them by value/cost/difficulty
  • Create a clear goal, easy to advertise
  • Justify choices to gain trust and motivation
  • Define key success factors

Zealots has change management experience in an international context, can deal with budgetary pressures and integrate your corporate culture in the plan to create a credible goal with you.

  • Define the team structure, create job descriptions
  • Share responsibilities among the team based on individual talents
  • Candidate sourcing support : recruitment tests, technical meetings
  • Motivate teams and enhance services reputation
  • Find additional resources in a strong experts network
  • Secure and strenghten operations thanks to external trusted personnel

Zealots has put together amazing teams of technical experts, with great interpersonal skills. We can help you improve yours.

  • Define projects from the strategy
  • Perform a dependency analysis and identify project prerequisites
  • Communicate and create a favourable context to implement projects
  • Perform a risk assessment, define prevention and mitigation measures
  • Unstuck situations with suppliers
  • Reingineer unsatisfactory processes

Zealots staff has experience in software development, implementation of global IT infrastructure and complex data migration. This broad and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the suppliers make it possible to find motivating, clever and practical solutions.

  • Requirement analysis : eliminate the superfluous
  • Request for proposal and competitive bidding
  • Technical purchasing
  • Negotiation with suppliers
  • Find alternative solutions to mitigate costs
  • Quickly update priorities of the portfolio to seize opportunities

Zealots staff has experience in selling software and services, as well as experience in IT purchasing and IT budget management. Knowlege of the common market price levels and of technologies is key for successful IT purchasing.

  • Find out motivations and needs of the affiliates/sites/departments
  • Decrease complexity upstream
  • Change management
  • Find the right tool and the right partner
  • Software development management (addon/plugin/customization)
  • Deployment and training organization

Zealots has successfully led ERP and CRM projects in harsh environments, both from the customer perspective and from the supplier perspective. This rich experience helps in making the right choices and to bring a sound structure.

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